Colleges and Universities
Colleges and Universities
  • His work is magical
    Annie Morgan
    Reception teacher - Oake Primary School Somerset
  • Children, staff and parents still talk about their amazing experience with Pete
    Hannah Hammond
    King's Independent School Taunton
  • A great day - children were in awe of Pete
    Emily James
    Paddocks pre school
  • Another inspiring day
    Sara Bailey
    Manager Abacus Nursery Taunton
  • The children and adults all got involved with the fabulous songs, poems and stories
    Becky Andrews
    Chedzoy pre school
  • The children had a magical day with Pete
    Tracy Sumner - Manager
    Wellesley Park pre school
  • Pete's work really resonated with our children and provided great discussion
    Greg Barton
    Berkley School Frome
  • His work with children in many settings helped all of us to prepare for the world of teaching
    Ben Spears PGCE trainee
  • Inspirational Excellent Outstanding
    Heather Good
    Westover Green Community School
  • We had an inspirational day
    M McCaig - Year 5 teacher
    West Pennard Primary School
  • I was impressed by the quality of the work achieved especially with the special needs children
    Hannah Bakary
    East Huntspill
  • We had an absolutely fantastic day
    Helen Burchill Head
    West Pennard First School
  • We had a great two days with Pete. He achieved so much
    Marie White - Senior Teacher
    Somerset Bridge Primary School - Bridgwater
  • I was amazed at what my class achieved
    Cathy Ward - Year 4 teacher
    Ruishton School
  • An amazing two days
    Adria Martin - Year 6 teacher
    St. Georges Catholic Taunton
  • An absolutely fantastic time. The children learned so much and I feel inspired
    Deputy Head
    Kingsmoor Primary School
  • Thanks to Pete for his superb work
    Walton Primary
  • It was a really valuable day. Pete worked with the whole school. We will definitely have him back
    Sally Brown - Senior Teacher
    East Huntspill School
  • We had a wonderful day
    Holly Roberson - Year 5/6 teacher
    Kings Park Primary School Melksham
  • The children had a wonderful time and learned so much from Pete
    Head Teacher
    Martock Primary School
  • The poetry session was outstanding. Pete inspired me
    Patrick Vincent - Year 4 teacher
    Beckington CofE School
  • Pete did us the power of good
    Giselle Leader - HLTA
    Winsham Primary School
  • Thanks to Pete for his superb work
    Rachael Toal
    Walton Primary School
  • It was a joy to work with Pete
    Sarah Davies - Year 3 teacher
    Westover Green Community School
  • An absolutely fantastic day. I loved it and so did the children
    Chloe Braund - Year 5 teacher
    Westover Green Community School Bridgwater
  • The children shone with Pete. We were privileged to work with him
    Steve Davies
    Cheddar School
  • I loved it
    Year 3 Student
    Westover Green Community School
  • It was the best morning ever
    Year 6 Student
    Stogursey CE Primary School
  • It was a truly inspirational and enjoyable session I am looking forward to the next one now
    Sue Lawrence
    Manager Comeytrowe Pre-school
  • Pete gave me lots of story telling ideas with important messages
    Jane Overs -Teacher
    St Mary and St Peter
  • It was great. The children learned a great deal by working in different friendship groups
    Catherine Rust - GTP SKITT student
    Stogursey CE Primary School
  • Pete brings a world of fun and imagination to the children
    Sue Lawrence
    Manager Comeytrowe Pre-school
  • He's awesome
    Travis Gilbert
    Houston Texas
  • Pete made me feel ten feet tall. It was a brilliant day. I'm lost for words. The children's work with Pete was fantastic. He is an inspiration
    Ann Snelling - Governor
    Knights Templar First School Watchet
  • One of our pupils went home and raved about his day with Pete
    Jo Greathead - Deputy Head
    Milford Infants' School Yeovil
  • He's got the X Factor!
    Oliver - Year 4 Pupil
    Ruishton School
  • He's inspirational
    Carl Smethurst - Christian minister and parent
    Knights Templar First School Watchet
  • We all had a super time with Pete - he was brilliant
    Hayley Anderson - Manager
    Proirswood Pre-school
  • It was remarkable how Pete got the SEN children involved and motivated
    Sarah Parsons - TA
    Winsham School
  • He packed in so much
    Lizzie Allen - Teacher
    Priorswood Primary School
  • We had very positive feedback about Pete's workshops from parents and children
    Cheeky Cherubs Pre school Minehead
  • Pete always produces great results!
    Chris Durrant
    HLTA Westover Green Bridgwater
  • It's great value for money. The children with special needs did particularly well
    Karen Partington - Teacher
    West Huntspill Primary School
  • I was swept away - Pete is just amazing!
    Nicola Meyer
    Ongar Place Primary school Addlestone Surrey
  • Pete always makes a remarkable contribution to our work
    Sue Staples - Head
    Mendip PRU
  • I would like Pete to come regularly. The workshops are fabulous
    Lara Tatum - Head
    Mells C of E First School
  • Pete's a star. We had very positive feedback from parents
    Liz Kane - Manager
    Water Lane Pre-school
  • A brilliant day
    West Coker School
  • The children responded so well to Pete. We can't get enough of this kind of thing
    Barry Parsons - Year 5 teacher
    Creech St Michael Primary School
  • Pete exceeded my expectations by far - The children want him to return tomorrow
    Frances Watts
    Ongar Place Primary school Addlestone Surrey
  • Pete never disappoints us
    Mary Sturgess - Headteacher
    Leigh on Mendip School Somerset
  • We had a fantastic day
    Deborah Barrett
    Hatch Beauchamp C of E Primary School
  • Pete's work is of a high standard
    Sharon Bond - Adviser
    Pre-School Learning Alliance
  • Pete can turn his hand to any aspect of creativity and produce excellent results every time
    Heather Good
    Westover Green School Bridgwater
  • My class really enjoyed working with Pete
    Elle Callcutt - Reception/Year 1 teacher
    Otterhampton Primary School
  • Pete was great. The children loved what he did. We all did
    Kate Fewings
    Acorn Pre School Somerton
  • He produced an AMAZING painting with the children
    Frances Burns
    Knights Templar School Somerset
  • Absolutely fantastic
    Bridget Hemmings - Head
    Otterhampton Primary School
  • Pete valued every child. Shy and quiet children excelled
    Sara Bailey - Manager
    Abacus Day Care Nursery Taunton
  • All staff were inspired and enthused by Pete's sessions. It was a perfect training session for them
    Sara Bailey - Manager
    Abacus Day Care Nursery Taunton
  • Everyone had such a good time
    Keinton Mandeville School Somerset
  • This is impressive work
    Ali Pook - Deputy Head
    St Andrews Junior School Burnham on Sea
  • The children were very excited. Pete used a lot of humour and enthusiasm and he worked hard to engage children by using their names. He was very attentive to the children's behaviour
    Chloe House - Nursery Director
    The Beehive Day Nursery Ltd
  • I had positive feedback from every member of staff
    Zoe Coughlin - Head
    Merriott First School
  • He helped our confidence
    Students - Year 5
    St Andrews Junior School Burnham on Sea
  • We've had a brilliant day with Pete where some very important issues were covered
    Duncan Macrae - Headteacher
    Enmore Primary School Somerset
  • His training workshop was fantastic - so invigorating
    Jo Salter
    Pre School Specialist Taunton
  • He's awesome
    Year 5 Student
    St Andrews Junior School Burnham on Sea
  • Pete's work was highly effective. It was great to see the children so interactive and happy
    Wendy Sherred - Parent
    Cuddles and Care Pre School Wells
  • I was privileged to see Pete for two days of workshops and I must say that I thought his work was brilliant on both days
    Christy Brimmer
    Holway Park School Taunton
  • Excellent!
    Lydia - KS1 Teacher
    Creech St Michael C of E Primary School
  • Pete's workshops were amazing. He engaged the children all day. He had such control and the children learned so much
    Kaitlin Ford
    Cuddles and Care Pre School Wells
  • The children had a wonderful day with Pete
    Jo Greathead - Deputy Head
    Milford Infants
  • We had heard Pete was good and today we have seen how good he is
    Naomi Pauley - Head
    Vallis First School Frome
  • The children really loved it. It was so different and brilliant
    Sylvie Barton - Reception Teacher
    St James Church School Taunton
  • He was breath of fresh air
    Claire Earp
    St. George's Catholic School Taunton
  • It felt like magic working with Pete
    Year 4 Student
    Vallis First School Frome
  • The feedback on Pete's PGCE and foundation degree work has always been very good. This year it was outstanding
    Janet Limberg - PGCE and foundation degree senior lecturer
    University of Worcester.
  • We were very happy with Pete's contribution to our special day
    Karen Egan
    Bridgwater College Child Care Centre
  • The children were full of it all day. They learned so much
    Louise Aldridge - Teacher
    St Joseph's RC Primary and Nursery School Burnham on Sea
  • Pete is an inspirational practitioner who shows how creativity can bring the primary classroom alive
    Keith Atkins - Senior Lecturer PGCE and foundation degree
    University of Worcester.
  • Pete's work with the inmates of Exeter Prison had a very positive impact

    Jan Ross - Senior Teacher
    Exeter Prison
  • It was an excellent day
    Tamar Warner - Deputy Head
    St Andrew's Primary School Taunton
  • We were very happy with the quality of Pete's work. He expertly managed some challenging Year 7 and 8 groups delivering important messages
    Tim Griffin - Head of Year
    Chiltern Trinity Secondary School Bridgwater
  • Pete is a charismatic character who will turn on your kids to the excitement of poetry and music, while giving them plenty of opportunity to let off some steam. Highly recommended
    Dilys Hadley - Exmouth Community Worker
    Primary, Special/PRU and Pre-schools
  • We had a brilliant day
    Sheena - Senior Teacher
    Shepton Beauchamp C of E Primary School
  • Pete's day of poetry with Year 10 produced some super results
    Hannah Donnelhan
    West Somerset Community College, Minehead
  • He's amazing! We'd love him to come again
    Becky Gibbs - Year One Teacher
    St. James Church School Taunton
  • I had no idea that Pete would involve so many children and value them in the way he did
    Sarah Laws - Deputy Head
    Wiveliscombe Primary School
  • We were delighted with Pete's stories, art and music
    Sue Lawrence
    Comeytrowe Pre School Taunton
  • It would be good to have Pete here regularly
    Clare Rice Head
    Chewton Mendip Primary School
  • A great day
    Christine Hilton Year 1 & 2 teacher
    Draycott & Rodney Stoke CE First School
  • I know I can speak for all of our group when I say that Pete's work with us was highly engaging, enjoyable and very useful
    Ben Spears PGCE trainee
  • He's inspirational
    Alison Taylor Deputy Head
    Fairmead Community Special School Yeovil
  • Everyone had a wonderful time. He impressively built on our ongoing PSHCE work
    Cathy Lowe - Head
    Draycott & Rodney Stoke CE First School
  • We had a fabulous day. The children learned so much
    Mary Sturgess Head
    Leigh Upon Mendip First School
  • Brilliant!
    KS1 Music coordinator
    Woolavington Village Primary School
  • It's learning but it's fun. Absolutely fantastic
    Year 10 Student
    Mendip PRU
  • My class talked positively about the workshops for ages afterwards
    Naomi Hammerton - Year 6 teacher
    West Pennard Primary School
  • The children's drama work was excellent. They learned important messages
    Wendy Beer - Head
    Woolavington Village Primary School
Colleges and Universities

Pete lectures at University of Worcester (SCIL in Taunton) and has received highly positive feedback for his Equality, Diversity and creativity sessions with PGCE and Foundation Degree students.

As a practicing teacher he offers essential advice on the needs of children who speak English as an additional language (EAL) and ways to bring cultural diversity alive in the primary classroom. His wide range of skills in the creative curriculum also benefit students greatly.

The following areas are also covered in his workshops;

* planning and assessment
* the classroom environment
* cultural and gender stereotypes
* working with parents
* working with colleagues
* working with bi lingual agencies
* behaviour management
* linking race and culture to gender, ability and sexual orientation values
* British Values and Ofsted expectations
* the celebration of individuality

His work is highly inter-active and valung of the students' own thoughts, ideas and experiences.


Pete, as a former headteacher is also able to offer advise on interviewing.